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Let me show you how you can start making more profit by focusing on your People first. 

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My name is Kirsten Asher and I’m a Consultant and Speaker who is dedicated to helping Leadership Teams create a thriving and collaborative company culture starting from the inside out.

Successful organizations like Google and Apple snatch up and retain employees who are passionate, loyal, and engaged at work - not because they have a pool table or casual Fridays, but because they realize their people are the core of what they do.

It’s easy to focus only on the product/service or the bottom line, but your people are your core, support and vehicle to reach your goals. When everyone is on the same page and feel invested in, it’s easier for them to engage and want to show loyalty.  Who doesn’t want that?

I don’t speak the HR jargon or push a band-aid solution. I provide a step-by-step, personalized service to refocus on the things that affect your company the most: employees, relationships, company vision, direction and engagement. 

So, what is your first move?


Change is hard for most people, but when everyone is on board and understands the WHY behind the WHAT, it becomes easier to accept, join and enjoy the movement. 

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Culture + you

Get the ball rolling and open your whole team up to how they ALL contribute to company culture. From the new hire to veteran team members - every person in your company plays a part. 

My Culture + You lunch and learns are a quick way to get your people on the same page and realize how they show up in life is how they show up at work. Awareness is the first step to a thriving company culture working from the bottom up.

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In addition to Lunch & Learns and Workshops, I have culture building talks that run the gamut from culture to living your life fully to personal growth and development. 

It takes a team of people to bring a company to life and within that there has to be a flexible culture that can attract both  ideal employees who are willing and excited to support your company.

What you need is a Culture Building Mindset.

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Move the needle

My Move The Needle Workshop helps your management team and leaders work from the top down. Establishing a culture that impacts the way you Hire, Engage and Retain your Dream Team is a fun and creative process. 

This workshop helps your team understand culture driving behaviors, think outside-the-box, create a cultural brand and streamline your company for more success ultimately leading to more profit.  

Your team is your support net, why not support them right back?


Book an interactive Lunch & Learn for your Team Members and a Workshop for your Management/Leadership Team OR you can book me to Speak to your Organization. Either way let me help you take a step in the right direction and cultivate a thriving Company Culture to take your success to the next level.



With me by your side, you'll create a few small mindset and adjustments—
with support, accountability, and an objective perspective—as you take real action in a fresh direction!

Download your FREE culture assessment and book your 30-minute FREE culture consulting call.

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